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The Only People Who Like Change are Wet Babies–Mark Twain

Why do we always shoot for January 1 to make changes?  We all know the cliché “New Years Resolution” and we start making our list of items that we eventually don’t do.  Well, just like about everyone I know, I wanted to lose 20-30 lbs for like the past 10 years.  And just like everyone else something always seemed to get in the way: a party, a BBQ, too busy, no time, I’ll start next week…you get the picture.

A sequence of events happened in the early part of the Fall that made change a sense of urgency.  Every August, all of us educators prepare for the upcoming school year.  Readjusting to the schedule after the summer off can be quite frustrating ( my friends with “regular” jobs are snickering at this point).  The next 30-45 days is busy, busy, rush, rush,rush. Eating on the fly, coffee and soda binges, going to bed late and always feeling behind the 8 ball.  Usually I pull it off with flying colors, but not this year.

I have controlled heartburn, but this year it seemed like everything gave me heartburn and would get worse each day.  A few nights I would wake from it and couldn’t go back to sleep (once I’m up, I’m up which results in a crappy, sleep deprived day at school).  Then that night of October 6, 2011 happened.  I woke up with massive heartburn and shortness of breath.  As I took each quick breath and gasped for air, the burning went up my throat.

I felt like I was either having a heart attack, asthma attack, or  dying. I went online and googled how to stop what I deduced to be an acid reflux attack.  There were a list of items ranging from aloe vera juice, tums, bananas, graham crackers and other items I did not have.  I ate the banana and something else and a few seconds later I could breath again.  I had to sit up on the couch and that is where I slept because if I laid back down it would happen again.

I went to the doctor, who confirmed my fear and prescribed Prilosec.  I HATE taking medicine and I have heard not so great things about those types of medicines over time.  He said my two choices were taking the Prilosec forever or losing 20-30 lbs.  In Madea style I said “Weight loss for $200 Alex!”  Easier said than done as I stopped at Taco Bell on the way from the doctor ( I was starving…). And I kept waking up at night, the almost dying thing happened again and that is when I had to get it together.  It was time for a diaper change.

I slowly started to change my habits, taking the Prilosec for a month and the week before Thanksgiving I got serious.  Some said it wasn’t realistic to start a food change during the holidays.  I told them the “not breathing at night thing” wasn’t realistic.

Needless to say, this will be an interesting ride!

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