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Personal Trainers: Top 3 Reasons You should NOT get one.

Before I became committed to working out, going to the gym was a struggle.  The biggest struggle was fatigue and accountability.  Most of the time, folks are just too tired to go to the gym after work.  You could literally think about it all day, cop out and not go.  Because I now have a “Why” (the acid reflux thing) it is much easier to go.  And the fact that I literally pass by the gym on the way to and from work is a plus.   Now I need to know what to do when I get there to make the most productive use of my time and get the desired results.  I considered getting a trainer which is something that I swore that I would NEVER do.  I always thought it was a waste of money (I can be very frugal) to have someone write out a plan for you and boss you around the gym.  ‘Just give me the plan and I can follow it myself.’  That’s what I’ve been saying the last 10 years right?

So, I met with the head fitness trainer a few months back to get a free assessment.  The guy that did my assessment also gave me a thorough education on how a person builds lean muscle, the best way to lose body fat, his philosophy of keeping your workouts fresh, etc.  This is something that has never happened before.  He trained me for about an hour on various machines and floor exercises.  They take your weight, measurements (if you want), body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI).  So after this free session and processing my needs ,the following are reasons that you should not get a personal trainer:

  1. If you don’t want to be accountable to anyone.  You tend to not skip the gym on the day you really don’t want to go–that’s the day you usually have an appointment. They keep a journal of every work-out. Trainers are great for always being at the gym just about every time you go so it’s a kind reminder that you need to schedule your next appointment or give you some advice on your days off.
  2. If you want to shoot in the dark in regards to your fitness goals.  Your trainer assesses your personal situation and goals and tailors a workout for you.  They use their education, wisdom and personal experience to maximize your workout and keep you from plateauing.
  3. If you are really lazy and feel there is no cure.  Yes, I said it.  The average person is lazy and doesn’t want to work out.  I sure don’t.  A trainer will push and challenge you to do things that you didn’t think you could accomplish. They watch you while you do your workout and make sure you don’t cheat.  They even count for you when you black out while straining through the exercise.

So basically, if you are serious about working out, a trainer (at least in the beginning) is non-negotiable.  At my gym, you receive personal training once a week for a 30 minute period (this is probably the case at most).  You pay a sign up fee that includes six free sessions (this cracks me up, basically that comes out of the fee…duh).  I purchased my training during a special that was running and got an additional 16 sessions if I signed up by a certain time.  So, basically I have it worked out so that I can get training 2-3 times a week for 3 months before I have to reduce it to once a week.  That’s hot right?

I have been training at least two times a week since the middle of December and enjoy it immensely.  My trainer now acts as my accountability partner and pushes me towards my goals.  I will be honest and say that he does get eye rolls, teeth sucking and heavy sighs from me when he asks me to do certain things.  He responds nicely by saying ” You can do whatever you like during this workout, you’re paying for it,” when I slack off and rest too long in between sets or act like I’m going to die.

I will be honest that this training has sucked a lot of money out of my pocket, but I can’t afford NOT to do it at this point in my life.  After I thought about the amount of money wasted on coffee, lunch, and just random stupid stuff the cost of those things superseded the amount of the training.

Going to the gym at least 5 times a week has become a way of life for me.  My body craves it, my brain looks for those endorphins, and the buttons on my pants are enjoying the relief!


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  1. Donetta A McQueen

    I feel your pain. I have joined the Wellness program at my place of employment and sometimes I wish I could lock my wellness coach in the closet and through away the key. She monitors my daily food intake and my daily exercise routine, and when I don’t report it, she sends me an email with a lecture of the importance of not slacking off. However, I have notice the benefit of the program and I am really happy with the results.

    1. Nichole Renee

      Ok. You have some real, but acceptable stalkers. I am not being monitored that tightly but I bet that would help me greatly. Thanks for the comment!

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