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Un-Stucking Thyself…Some More




Please don’t drop Nichole Renee!


The feeling of productivity after you have tackled a huge task is something that can keep you so energized and accomplished you want to keep going and take it deeper.

But how can you keep the momentum going?

This week’s post will focus on the last bulleted item in my last post Un-Stucking Thyself. It deals with surrounding yourself with people who keep you motivated.

Having these people in your corner is one of the most important things that you can do to keep yourself going after you begin the process of “un-stucking.”  It’s just too easy to go back to where you were.

I know this to be true because I had many of these people in my crew, especially as I have traveled through my divorce.  I can’t tell you how they have literally saved my life.

So with that being said, I have identified four (4) groups of people who should be in your support system:

People that ALWAYS have your back

These are your most obvious choices.  Most of us have that person in our lives that gives us some really great advice and is our #1 cheerleader.  Your parents. Your favorite uncle. Your mentor. Your homie. Your girl. Your ride-or-die folks. When your butt stinks they will tell you and when you need some motivation they will push you hard.


If you ever want to know who people really are, watch and see how they treat people they think they don’t need – T.D. Jakes

Support from those you LEAST expect

There are times when things happen and there is some random person that helps you with something. It may manifests itself in the form of a quiet person at work that may fix your computer, or somebody who you really don’t like (and knows you don’t like them) that may help wrap up a project.

In my case, I was talking to a lady named Donna at my church. I don’t know her that well, but we are friendly and chat sometimes. She’s that person in the audience that is co-signing and encouraging the pastor while he is preaching. Just a ton of energy and passion.

We were talking about struggles that we’ve been having over the last few weeks.  As I told her about my struggles with low motivation, she weighed in.  She really didn’t tell me anything that I hadn’t already heard or told anyone myself, but it was the timing, passion and enthusiasm in which she spoke that moved me to action. She’s like Coach Carter on steroids.

I went home that day and put my un-stucking into action after that conversation.  I didn’t need to watch Iyanla, Tony Robbins or watch one of those inspirational sports movie.  I had talked to Donna.

That conversation gave me the fuel that I needed to take control of my week and get some major things done. Click here to see what I accomplished.

People who you don’t know or hesitant to ask

At some point, we need to involve people in our goals to get to the next place.

I don’t know why most of us hate asking people for things.  I guess it’s innate or maybe a pride thing. We probably fear rejection, appearing needy or we just feel stupid.  Sometimes we just don’t know what to say.  Sometimes we think that we have no right asking the person.

Just as a starving person with no money has to go to someone to get food so they won’t die, you must do the same.  If you are really hungry for success, your cause will die if you don’t get resources.  In these times you’re forced to ask for help—from anyone who will listen.

A few summers ago, I went to a leadership retreat through Klemmer & Associates. The pic above involves me scaling this 20+ foot wall (yes, that’s me being pulled up). Every person in the group had to get over the wall which entailed the first person being pushed up as high as the tallest person could lift and the person being limber enough to reach the top and pull themselves up.  Interestingly enough, it was a woman.  She then had to help pull guys up and put together a process of pulling everyone over the wall.

The most interesting thing to see was the group working together to make us feel confident that they wouldn’t drop us, particularly the larger folks.  We all had that fear of dropping or being dropped. But as each person went over the wall, both sides gained more confidence that the task would get done.

There are times in our lives where we are dependent on other people and we have to ask for help in order to get the task accomplished.  Otherwise, it won’t get done.

This picture sits on my desk at work as a reminder, especially when those hard times come.


    If you want to stay fit, surround yourself with a couple of chicks who are fired up, so that the one day you’re not, you can feed off their energy. -Gabrielle Reece

Divine Appointments

There are times the perfect mix of people and a stirring message creates a divine appointment. It happens when you are in the right place at the right time. You may never be connected with these people again, but the impact of them can last forever.

Just about every spring, I find myself at some conference or workshop where I get so inspired it keeps me going for months.  Last week, I attended a Saturday field trip for girls interested in careers in technology.  I wasn’t really interested in the subject, but just wanted to support the kids and help out the folks sponsoring the trip.

At the end of the day, the six young ladies from my school gave us a run down of their day, the workshops they attended and were very descriptive and detailed about what they saw and heard. They smiled from ear to ear and were beaming as they talked.  They said they wanted to start a “Coding Club” at our school.  I was shocked. I told the girls that I had a basic concept of coding and they proceeded to break it down to me with their techno jargon. They sounded like they really know their stuff.GETT 2


When these young ladies spoke you saw the wheels churning and their eyes beamed. The energy and passion that poured from these young ladies was very moving. They found themselves that day and it was very refreshing to see.  It reminded me of why we do what we do as educators and was officially inspired.

Three of these girls came to my office first thing Tuesday morning and with and with authority said ” Hi!  We are going to start the coding club (not “can” we), we already have an advisor, we have already been in contact with someone from the conference who will send us information on how to start the club. So what needs to be done next?” I was in awe-again.

My dad has a quote, “You can’t let her/him fail.” So, yes another teacher and I will be assisting the advisor.  None of us of know anything about coding, but we are going to help these take-charge chicks! These young ladies have moved us because they been inspired and made a decision to make it happen.  Just like that!

And we thought we were teaching them something. Ha!


Those who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its brevity. -Jean de la Bruyere

Your Time is NOW!

Determine the people that have your back, the ones that you least expect, the ones you are afraid to ask and your divine appointments.  Don’t let my students make you look bad!

Remember, the key is controlling your distractions. From last week’s experiment,  I have now adopted the process of only watching one (1) hour of TV from Monday morning through Friday afternoon during the school year.

For more on focus and determination, check out these posts:

Happy Un-Stucking!  I would love to hear your success stories as you go through this process with me and so many others.  No story is insignificant. Also, If you have some tips that have worked for you in the past, make sure you share in the comments section below.

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Mar 16

Un-Stucking Thyself




It’s like day 25 of the streak. Once again the alarm goes off, the snooze button is hit like three times and roll back over. So over this crap…

Hated It! 

If it’s one thing I despise is waste.

Like when people waste food. Or throwing away leftovers and piling on food at the buffet and not eating all of it…way up there on the list.

But top of the list–people wasting time.  Mine and yours.

Actually, I’m kinda hating myself right now because for the last two months, I have been wasting my own time.

Now, at work I put in the full time and then some, so I don’t want my employers coming after me.  I’m talking about after that.

I just go home and watch TV–all day.  I haven’t really even been to the gym in almost a month–yes after my little Coach Carter “come to Jesus” moment in one of my last posts.  Yup, Ms. Fitness and Motivation has just been eating junk and watching TV.

Actually, as I am typing this post I am eating a ‘gotta have it’ size, Founders Favorite (swapped out the sweet cream for the cake batter ice cream and add a snicker bar) from Coldstones with the waffle bowl. Had it for dinner. Serious issues.

So it’s time to get un-stuck…again!


Are You with Me?

The winter adds its own set of issues that sometimes can present itself as the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder.  It really takes a toll on your psyche and just drains productivity.  It usually appears in the form of appearing lazy, blah or apathetic. You just want to sit around and do nothing.

Most of us don’t know we have it or admit to it. I get this every year and try to come up with strategies to beat it.  This has been one of my better winters, but the blues still got me nonetheless.  Especially with my personal drama still dragging on…Sigh.

At some point, I became so disgusted with myself something had to change.


Yesterday, I dared to struggle.  Today I dare to win.  -Bernadette Devlin


30445279Time to Shut it Down

Winter is almost done , but it’s never too late to get a great start to spring!

These things worked for me last week and maybe they will help you:

  • Get off the phone and TV during the week. DVR your favorite shows and watch them over the weekend.  If you must communicate via phone or text, keep the calls really short (and of course in some cases don’t even answer). Let folks know that you are trying to get your life together and will catch them next week. I can’t tell you how much I got done by doing this.
  • Find a quiet spot (OUTSIDE of your house) to work on projects. When I was in college I had my own room, but I went to the library to study.  The room just had too many distractions. The same is true with your home-even if you live by yourself. Find a local library, or now that spring is coming a nice cozy spot outside in a park. Turn on your playlist and get to work.
  • De-Clutter! Clean up a room you’ve been avoiding, throw some stuff away, and organize your paperwork. When you clear up your space you clear up your mind, and actually it will help you sleep better.  Check out Janet M. Taylor for some awesome organizing tips.
  • Exercise when you can. Slowly begin to integrate your workout schedule if you have a lot of things you need to get out of the way. If the only thing you can do is take a walk, then do that. I got in one day last week (I typically do 3-5 days), and since I’ve haven’t been in the last 25 days, I’ll celebrate that.
  • Make a checklist but split it up. We all have that exhaustively long checklist. Instead of looking at it and stressing about how to get it all done, just designate 2-3 small things a day to accomplish. Celebrate that.
  • Post your goals whether it be work, personal or outside business. Usually, we write our goals down on a list or type them in our phone.  This year I bought a pack of Post It’s Big Pad.  They are about 22′ x 22′ and stick right on the wall. I transferred each section of the notes on individual pads.  Sometimes, you need these things right in your face.  And Mary Jane Paul thought she had her post its. Ha!
  • Do some research. Try some new books on your target area.  Go online and begin bookmarking or subscribing to sites that you don’t have time to read right now. I took some time and started researching other bloggers and motivational speakers in my areas of interest and found some really awesome resources. It gave me some ideas of changing my layout, things to add to my blog and how to narrow my niche area.
  • Connect or re-Connect with people with solutions to your problems.  Identify those individuals that can assist you on the path. What helped me was to call those individuals and begin setting appointments to meet with them.  A few of the meetings won’t occur until May, but they are already on the books.
  • Surround yourself with people who will keep you motivated. Over the last few weeks, a few of my friends have started websites and blogs. I’ll be honest, I took it as friendly competition and stepped up my game. Those of you that frequent my blog may notice some of the changes that have occurred over the last two weeks. Shout out to new bloggers Dori Ray, Stephanie Felder, and Karen Nichols.  You know I can’t let y’all show me up. Iron sharpens iron!

It doesn’t have to be anything deep and involved. You may only have time to focus on one of those categories. Just do what you can and take whatever size steps you need to get moving.

In my case, this process entailed doing a bunch of little things that only took a few minutes each to do…they’ve just been undone for a long time. By these little things being undone, it was slowing down my productivity in big things I have coming down the pike. The biggest thing for me was turning of that TV. Between Sunday morning and Friday afternoon, I only watched one hour of TV ( and no it wasn’t Scandal) and didn’t die. Who knew?



 When God created time he made plenty of it.” -Celtic saying


Get Unstuck and get your time Back!1904169_708293285917227_1738750315_n

If you’re really serious about managing your time and blocking out distractions, check out these posts:

Don’t beat yourself up, just get over yourself and get your ish together. Don’t let guilt or the shoulda, coulda wouda’s get in your way.

There are too many important people, projects and destinations waiting on you to share your magnificence with them. You got this.

See you at the top!


A special shout out to Donna and Sharon for helping move me to action!


What helps you get out of your ruts? Your words of wisdom and life experiences are welcomed.  Leave a comment below! 

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Mar 09

The Keep It Moving blog has moved. Kinda Sorta…

KIM blog FB Banner.wpic

Hello Everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that the blog has moved.

The new website is:


No worries, the old site and all articles are linked and will simply redirect to the new site.  Thank you soooo much for all of your support of the blog.

Let’s continue to Keep It Moving!

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