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The 5am Workout for the Lazy, Excuse Makers like Me

  I mean seriously, who REALLY wants to get up and work out in the morning? Well there are some. When I worked out religiously at 5am, there were people waiting in a line at the door 10-15 minutes before they opened.  They would sit on the curb and chat with each other.  I really don’t …

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Why My Personal Trainer Got the Axe

  I have been a member of my gym for quite some time. I’ve had 4 trainers. They all had different methods, able to meet me where I was, and took my workout to the next level. I’m not happy about losing any them. The first one quit the company after a year, the second …

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Winter Workout Blues: Pre-Turkey Day Edition

There are muscles under all of this fat.  There are muscles under all this fat… Yes, it’s back to the drawing board. I’m so annoyed. UGHHHH!!!! Now with the beginning of the school year and some other random projects completed, it’s time to get back to being serious with my workout goals.  It seems to …

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Now that the 45 day detox has ended…

It’s Party Time!  Okay, not quite. I am standing by my claim in my last post that this probably was the dumbest thing that I have done in a long time. First of all, it was just too many days.  Two to three weeks would have sufficed, but I always have to be extra and …

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Update to the 45 Day Detox: Landmines, False Positives and Intrigue

ROTFL!  LOL! CTHU! It was a great idea. It really was. But just like Antoine Dodson said on the Bedroom Intruder interview, “That was just dumb. Real dumb.”  And a few people took liberty to tell me so. But my dumb behind is still on the detox with about 15 days to go. To recap, …

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The 45 Day Detox is on! Eat a Biscuit for Me.

I survived the first week of my 45 day detox!  My last post detailed all of the reckless things that got me in this predicament. It wasn’t that bad, mainly because I was on a pretty good meal plan before I started.  I eat right about 80% of the time and allow myself two cheat meals a week (usually reserved …

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